Eat Naked



That means trying to avoid foods that come packaged.

Unpacked means that when you finishfood, there is not garbage to send off to a landfill or recyclables that require a great deal of energy to convert those packages into something else.

Food from the earth is what sustains us—why hurt the earth in the process of eating what the earth has so generously provided us?

According to (check it out), “nearly 70% of litter in the San Francisco Bay area comes from food and beverage packaging.”

Prioritize the earth, your community, and your own health. To do so means eating local, organic and unpackaged.

On another note, many scientists worry about animal-based foods, not just in terms of human health, but because of the larger carbon emissions they produce compared to plants.

Animals generate a lot of methane. Meat production puts a great strain on Mother Nature, as meat products require large amounts of field, fertilizer and fuel. And there is something else to think about: within the world of meat, different mats have different carbon emissions due to their individual production. beef having the greatest impact, followed by pork, then by chicken. Just saying…..

You don’t have to go totally vegan to be considerate of our only planet (for now), but your OWN diet is a part of your OWN environmental footprint.

So, cut down on meat and avoid packaging of processed food for Mother’s sake.

As to what goes into the processed foods in those packages, well, that is the topic of another blog.

 Enjoy Earth Day and Give Thanks!

Nathan ConkleComment